GRI is the acronym for “Graduate of the Real Estate Institute.  The “title” is granted to Realtors who complete a series of courses that are intended to increase their professional knowledge and performance.  I have always been a little suspicious about whether or not that result is typically achieved and if it improves representation received by home buyers.

My question has been answered.

One of my colleagues recently completed the GRI course titled “Working With Buyers”.  Perhaps the title itself is most significant as it is working “with”, not “for” buyers and that may really reflect the attitude and performance of the “traditional” real estate community.  The following quote is from the course materials and what set me off on this post. “NEVER raise an objection the buyer hasn’t thought of.  They will come up with plenty of objections on their own.  They don’t need your help.” I almost could not believe that this would be the position being taught to licensed brokers in Colorado.  But there it is.  It is no wonder that so many consumers hold real estate brokers in such low esteem.  That was not all.  As I reviewed the course material, I felt that far too much was directed at manipulating buyers rather than representing and assisting them although I do recognize that my practice is so different from the majority of brokers that my perspective may be a little narrow.

What should you do as an informed consumer?

It is my hope that by exposing what is learned by most brokers that many of you will seek and find a trained and experienced EXCLUSIVE Buyer’s Agent (EBA).  An EBA will be comitted to your needs, will represent your interests and yes, will point out the negatives as well as the positives in any home that you see.  Please call me for assistance in the Denver Metro area or for a referral to another location.

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