As Buyer’s Resource Real Estate Broker Associates, we represent buyers – only buyers. We do not represent sellers – not ever. We have no interest in attempting to persuade you to purchase one of our company’s listings – we have no listings. We never act as a “designated buyer’s agent” and are never sub-agents for the selling agent.

Why You Need An Exclusive Buyer Broker

“Even though a traditional agent may spend hours and hours with you, his/her allegiance isn’t to you at all. It’s to the seller, and in this regard, his/her main motivation is to get as much money out of you as possible.” Fortunately, buyers no longer have to fend for themselves. “Exclusive Buyer’s Brokers – Homebuyer’s Brokers – work only for consumers and often can save them money. As such, we are not tied to any particular property or agency. We can and will show you any home, even those for sale by owner.”

Are There Additional Costs?

Absolutely not! ! Our compensation is included in the price of the home that you purchase and will be fully disclosed to you. After all, it is your funds that are paying all costs. You should know what those costs are and be able to have your agent paid with those funds.

How Do I Find a True Professional?

We suggest that you interview several licensees. Ask how their companies conduct business with buyers. Does the company accept listings? Are other brokers (particularly the Employing Broker) always “designated” to back up and assist “your” broker? Will they give you the names of all of their most recent buyer agency clients? How much of their business is representing buyers? Do they understand financing or simply refer you to a lender, or worse, an in-house mortgage broker? Your meeting with the individual will tell you a lot about how they approach their business with buyers. You should feel no pressure to enter into any agreement at this time. Don’t hesitate to ask questions! You have the right to understand the entire buying process up front, with no surprises!

Does This Service Come With a Guarantee?

Absolutely! The State of Colorado requires a written agreement in order for you to be represented. We modify that agreement to create a “written handshake” allowing you to terminate the relationship at any time if you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service. No questions asked. No money owed. We rely on good service rather than binding contracts to keep our clients.

How Do I Learn More?

Colorado allows three options when you are purchasing a home. 1) A Transaction Broker who is not allowed to advocate for you. 2) A designated buyer broker from a traditional firm who may have conflicts with personal listings or with the firm’s listings. (This can become undisclosed dual agency.) Or 3) you can have an Exclusive Buyer Broker who will work for you and for you only throughout the transaction.

Call us! We will arrange to meet with you for an initial “Buyer Conference”. This is your opportunity to interview an exclusive Buyer Broker to represent your interests. It is also our opportunity to apply for the important position of helping you to find a home. You will be under no pressure to make a decision at this meeting. There is absolutely no cost or obligation to you. We respect your right to make an informed decision after evaluating all of your options.