An easy to forget cleaning practice (out of sight-out of mind anybody) is cleaning the coils located at the base of your fridge.  You will be surprised what you find!  If you still have the appliance manual, it will contain instructions.  In most cases, you can find a copy of the manual on the internet. (Well, except for some really old units.)

If you do not have instructions, try the following:

First, turn off or unplug the refrigerator.  We don’t want anyone to be injured.  There will be a removeable panel at the very bottom.  You may need to open the door(s) for access.  Usually this pulls off but check.  Some may need to have several screws removed. Once the panel is removed, used the crevas tool on you vacuum to remove the lint, pet hair, food, etc.  HINT – Spraying with anti-static spray before and after will make this job easier. Now pat yourself on the back.  Your refrigerator will be working better and saving energy.