My local past clients receive a postcard from me each month with what I hope is useful information regarding market conditions, caring for their homes and other real estate related information.  I see other brokers sending “purchased” monthly newsletters with everything from meatloaf recipes to automobile maintenance recommendations.  I am in the business of real estate as an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent and think it makes the most sense for me to focus on real estate related topics. MARKET CONDITIONS Some of the reports that I follow are showing some improvement in Colorado employment figures.  If you have been following my observations for the past few months then you know that this is the change for which I have been waiting as a harbinger of some better numbers for home sales and prices.  If those reports continue to be positive then you can look for home price improvement during 2012.  I have worked through three other real estate “corrections” and with those the bounce back was most significant at the beginning.  This time I see a more gradual and longer period for improving prices. MAINTENANCE HINT One of the regular maintenance recommendations made by many inspectors is to replace the beeswax seal at the connection between toilet and waste line about every five years.  I had not been convinced until a recent visit to one of my clients.  I am now a believer.  The leak and accompanying ceiling damage at the home was directly attributed to a deteriorated wax seal.  In an era of many bathroom renovations it is important that the gap between the toilet and the waste line that is created by adding cement board and ceramic tile is bridged by a designed spacer and not just filled by a second beeswax seal. Replacement can be done by some homeowners but many will be better served leaving this to a professional. It is my hope that the type of information provided in these messages will encourage you to protect what is probably your most expensive asset and  to consider and Exclusive Buyer’s Agent for your Colorado home search and purchase.