Denver, Colorado is a a desirable destination

I have watched even those who at first worried about cold weather and snow become some of Denver’s biggest cheerleaders.   The 300 days of sunshine are NOT a myth and yes, we have some cold weather and yes, there is the occasional major snow storm but there is never a month without a “rag-top” day (top down on the convertible for you non-fans of Jimmy Buffet). Golf is a year around activity and skiing can be as close as an hour. (The major destination resorts are admittedly more distant from the Denver area.)  One of the most common observations from my clients who have recently moved to the Denver area is that “everyone seems so friendly”.  We think that may be a result of the sunshine.  Humans really are in better moods when exposed to sun. All of the research shows Colorado residents to be among the highest of all states in health and fitness.  Again, you can “play outdoors” all year long.  Remember, Denver is not the “mountains”.  It is “The Queen City Of The Plains”.

Okay.  But Where Should I Live In The Denver Area?

Wow!  Lots of choices.  As with any large metroplex there are many options.  Your choice will always be affected to a large extent by your budget.  After that, you may be looking at commute times and schools.  You will be choosing from among many typical suburbs constructed from the 1950″s on to some of the interesting urban areas with homes built from the late 1800’s.  My observation, after hundreds of buyer clients, is that many (most?), particularly families with school-age children, will trade some commute time to live in a newer and larger home.

City of Denver Neighborhoods

Over the past 15-20 years there has been a major shift to living close to the Denver core.  Most of my buyers in these locations are singles or couples without children.  The associated supply/demand ratio has resulted in increased prices in the close neighborhoods plus major new construction.  There are certainly many options whether you are considering the southeast Denver Neighborhoods of Welshire, Washington Park, Platte Park, Lowry, Cherry Creek, Hilltop,  Bonnie Brae and Belcaro; the Northeast Denver neighborhoods of Stapleton, Congress Park, Capitol Hill, Park Hill,  Lower Downtown, Riverfront and City Park; or the various Highlands neighborhoods to the northwest, to name some of the more well known neighborhoods.  I expect to address each of these in subsequent posts to provide both objective data as well as my more personal and anecdotal observations.

Suburban Living is Better for Some

Your choice of which direction to go for a suburban lifestyle may well be driven by your anticipated commute.  If your work is in “downtown Denver” some of the north and west cities offer good commutes. Lakewood, Golden, Arvada and Wheat Ridge are some of the closer areas.  A longer drive to Northglenn and Thornton will be rewarded with lower prices.  And there are cities further away as well. If your work is in the Denver Technological Center (DTC), the large office park to the south, you may well consider Centennial, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Parker and Castle Rock. There are more cities and neighborhoods to explore and consider and the mention above relating to commutes does have some overlap along with the acknowledgement that there are factors other than commutes that are going to affect your decision.

You Can Get Help With Your Denver Area Move

I have been assisting people moving to the Metro Denver area for over 20 years.  Because I always and only represent buyers, I do not focus on one area and have clients from Elbert County (pretty far east) to Evergreen (foothills west).  If you are new to the area you want an agent who can help you to evaluate your options and find a location that will be a good fit.  Call me for help.