Crawl Space Ventilation

The past few weeks have pointed out that too many homeowners just become complacent about checking around their homes and completing seasonal maintenance.  Opening and closing the crawl space vents seems to be one of those chores that is just too easy to forget.  If you forget or ignore, you run the risk of frozen […]

Keep Your "Jungle" Trimmed

There are so many times when I see bushes and trees planted close to a structure that I am thinking that they should be sold with a “warning”.  If you allow these to grow so that they are against framed portions of the house and/or the roof, they will likely damage the roofing material, paint and […]

Check Those Condo Financials Carefully!

More and more of my clients are opting to purchase a home in a “maintenance free” community.  The term becomes somewhat of an oxymoron as there is maintenance and it is certainly not “free”. These communities can range from high-rise condominium buildings to stand-alone patio homes.  What they share in common is that the owners […]

Colorado Buyer Agents Meet

I just returned from the annual meeting of the Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association (CEBAA).  I see some of these folks on a regular basis and it is a treat to meet with those who are not right in my immediate area. One of the most interesting observations of our discussions is that we are […]

How’s that refrigerator running?

An easy to forget cleaning practice (out of sight-out of mind anybody) is cleaning the coils located at the base of your fridge.  You will be surprised what you find!  If you still have the appliance manual, it will contain instructions.  In most cases, you can find a copy of the manual on the internet. […]

Is there a best negotiating technique?

Several recent transactions have suggested that this topic is of significant interest to many home buyers.  The results of one strategy in particular were surprising. Make your best offer – And stick with it! Interesting.  I think that most buyers (and perhaps many licensees) believe that you go in low and then work up to […]

Income Tax – Are you paying a "fair" share?

Tax Time Observations Late one night, just blocks from the Capitol, a mugger jumped into the path of a well-dressed fellow and stuck a gun in his ribs.  “Give me your money,” the thief demanded.  “Are you kidding?” the man said.  “I’m a U.S. Congressman!”  “In that case,” the mugger growled, cocking his weapon, “give […]

Denver Market Is Improving – Just Not By 15%

That was when a  Denver Post reporter used information provided by a local real estate broker to announce “Metro-area home prices rise 15% over a year ago”.  The broker (who presumably provided the data) was quoted and named in the article and did not refute the conclusion.  I guess “any press is fine.  Just spell my name […]

Watch Out For New Lead Based Paint Regulations

What is this about? Several years ago the EPA announced new requirements.  These requirement are in full effect beginning April 2010. What is the problem? Lead has been found to cause significant health problems to both children and to adults.  Lead based paint in a home is not a problem as long as it is encapsulated […]

Metro-are home prices rise 15% over a year ago"

Why can’t you believe newspaper headlines? Because they are written to attract readers, NOT to inform.  This may be one of the more egregious misrepresentations.  If  consumers read the headline and then the article, they would likely come away believing that their house has indeed risen in value and/or that they should buy now because prices are […]