If you are one of the 300+ recipients of my monthly post card “blog” this will not be new information.  For all others it is something to check that may save both money and aggravation.

I was visiting with a friend recently who shared the cause of a rather major water leak in his home.  One of the bolts that fastens the toilet tank onto the seat portion had rusted through and was allowing water to drain continuously from the tank.  The fill valve of course did its job of continuing to refill the tank.  Result was  big expensive mess!  He then checked the other toilets in the house and found that the same bolts were in the process of rusting through.  This was 30-year old home with original fixtures.  I think that most newer fixtures have brass or fiber bolts which should not rust.  Never-the-less, worth a look at your appliance to see any signs of rust or corrosion and trying to move the tank portion to ensure that it is secure.  For some of you this will be a homeowner fix and for others a “call a plumber” repair.