Message from Russ Murray, Broker/Owner of Buyer’s Resource.

Exclusive buyer representation has been the only focus of Buyer’s Resource since we opened our doors in 1990.

Prior to becoming active in the professional side of real estate I had been a consumer of real estate services just as you are. At the conclusion of each of my many transactions I always had the feeling that something was missing. I had paid too much, accepted too little or not known some important facts. It took awhile, but I finally “broke the code”.


When I decided to put my years of real estate, construction and mortgage lending experience to work in the actual practice of real estate I was unwilling to place others in a position that had been so uncomfortable for me. At about that same time I learned about exclusive buyer representation and found it to be perfect fit for my need to be open and honest with my clients and true to my own standards. All of the brokers in my office share that dedication to consumers and to our clients’ needs.

Buying a home?

Contact us for a no-obligation meeting to discuss the process, your real estate wants and needs and how you can be more comfortable with a broker on your side. We guarantee there will be no pressure or arm-twisting. Just a good exchange of information. Even if you don’t “hire” us, you will become a better-informed consumer. You will find some resources on this site that will help you to get started. There is no substitute for the knowledge, experience and commitment of a trained exclusive buyer agent on your side.

Have a home to sell?

Right, we don’t do listings. However we do have relationships with several listing brokers who provide excellent service at prices negotiated to save you money if you have a home to sell in the Denver area.

Not in the Denver area?

Give us a call. We know some of the best exclusive buyer brokers in the country!